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Ranking of the Best Universities for Studying Marketing

Ranking of the Best Universities for Studying Marketing


The most successful, exciting and popular advertisement of all time is the legendary Coca-Cola New Year's train. This is an example of the impeccable work of marketers and the team. It went like this! Now the specialty of a marketer is gaining momentum more than ever. The profession will be relevant in the foreseeable future and beyond. After all, we all buy, bought and will buy.


Marketer: description of the specialty


A marketer is a specialist who introduces and promotes goods and services on the market, is responsible for the advertising campaign and creates a balance of price / place / product characteristics. This profession appeared as soon as market relations arose. But only in this century it gained the widest popularity. The reason is very clear: the assortment of everything is increasing, which means that competition is also growing.


Today it is not enough just to produce quality products or provide first-class research paper writing help services. The word-of-mouth effect is no longer as effective. The leader is the one who has built and implemented a competent marketing strategy.


Robert Kiyosaki, in his famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, emphasizes the art of selling and proper positioning - this is the secret of success and further confirmation that marketers are needed and important. Marketing activities are very diverse. This is an economist, psychologist, coordinator, idea generator, analyst and creative all rolled into one. The range is also huge - from the promoter of dairy products to innovative developments in the field of IT. Everything that sells needs a marketer.


Marketers salary


From 1500 USD to infinity. The salary depends on the place of work, the product, the scale of the company, and, of course, the professional qualities of the marketer. Here are a few examples of salary gaps. Analysis of the market by specialists:

  • crowd marketer and a simple, novice representative of the profession - from 700 to 1100 dollars;
  • marketers in the field of digital and e-mail - from 3 thousand dollars or without starting salary;
  • mid-level specialist in the same medium-sized company - 2-2.5 thousand dollars;
  • marketing vacancy for a US company with a representative office - 3.5 thousand dollars;
  • work data - according to resumes, 2 thousand average wages for marketers;
  • marketing & sales specialists earn the most on average - 5 thousand dollars;
  • SEO and SMM marketers have a maximum salary range of $650 to $2,000.


Needless to say, the picture is different in the highly developed far abroad. The average marketer in the United States receives about 7-8 thousand dollars a month. The average salary of marketers in Old Europe is 80 thousand euros per year.

The ranking of these universities is basically given on the overall performance of their academic records. This resume help reviews ranking is given so that students can make the best choice for their career.

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It can also be systematic work on methodological developments in a particular discipline. Good choise is to simply book review writing service and don't spend hours on the writing assignment.This approach allows the masters to carefully approach the choice of the topic of the certification project. They can fully study all the material received and understand the essence of the ongoing processes that affect this area. It is not surprising that the discipline read in the course of practice, which the master is engaged in, becomes the basis of scientific interests.

Taking into account what the topics of master's theses are selected? The master can be admitted to the defense only if he has at least three publications on the chosen topic of the attestation study. That is why it is so important to come up with a solution to this issue in advance.

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